In every edition of Restart! 20.000 copies are printed and distributed for free in two different versions (in English and Spanish).

We distribute the Restart guide in rooms and check-ins of 4* and 5* star hotels and in the Tourism Information Offices where the guide is hand delivered by tourist agents.

We keep a “commitment to transparency in the distribution” under contract. This is why we regularly inform about the status of the copies distribution and restock in every edition.


Restart! is a publication exclusively addressed to the tourist so that you can design specific advertising campaigns and advertisements in 2 languages (one for each version of the guide).

Restart! is a travel guide with practical information about Gran Canaria which the tourist will keep and use during the stay in the island. As the tourists take Restart! with themselves and can regularly look it up, the advertising’s visual impacts get multiplied (high level of repetition and exposure timing). This impact does not occur in disposable formats such as leaflets or flyers.

Get to know the RESTART! STYLE (press here). We are sure that the way we do things fits perfectly with the image of your product and/or services that you’d like to transmit to the tourists.

We have created a publication based on design and quality, highly valued by the tourists, as well as by the Institutions and the industry professionals.


In Restart! a minimum of 80% of the space is for contents and pictures, whereas just the 20%, as maximum, is destined for advertisements. In Restart! it does not exist a page with more than an advertisement, so yours will never get dispersed within other bunch of companies. We also limit the size for the advertisements (a minimum of 1/3 of a page)

It is very unlikely that advertisers from a same industry and area coincide in Restart! due to be a travel guide with a large number of themed sections and information on all over the island.

We make an effort to offer you the most competitive prices keeping in mind that Restart! is a publication with updates contents. Don’t doubt to ask about our rates and special promotions.


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